Honeybees have been a part of Virginia’s history since they arrived with the first European colonists. They were Jamestown’s valuable addition and a Civil War soldier’s sweet if painful temptation, and they served as homefront heroes when the world wars caused sugar shortages.

In recent years, mead has seen a resurgence along with beekeeping and has claimed a place as a craft beverage in the Commonwealth. Join author Virginia Johnson to hunt escaped swarms flying wild in the forests, visit modern-day observation hives and follow the mead path across the Commonwealth for a taste of history.

Publication Date 8/2/21
Available from Arcadia Publishing HERE

Virginia Johnson is the Public Communications Librarian at Central Rappahannock Regional Library. She has a BA in anthropology from the College of William & Mary and earned her Master of Library Science degree from the University of Maryland– College Park. She lives in historic Fredericksburg with her husband, Steve, and son, Benedict. Her previous award-winning books — Virginia Horse Racing: Triumphs of the Turf and Virginia by Stagecoach—are also available from The History Press/Arcadia Publishing.

Bee Hive and Honey
Photo by Christiane Wurth